Sunday, July 02, 2006

rhyolite ghost town in nevada _ with other ghost towns links

rhyolite ghost town in nevada _ with other ghost towns links: "Rhyolite is located 4 miles west of the town of Beatty, Nevada on HWY 374. The East entrance to Death Valley, Rhyolite offers photographers, explorers and ghost town enthusiasts an enjoyable experience. For those of you who cannot visit the town we have a tour on line. For those of you that will be visiting the town, I suggest you download and print the tour before you go. There is no information available at the ghost town. If you have been to Rhyolite, or plan on coming take the tour anyway and enjoy. Don't forget to go to the sitemap. There are some places you can not get to from here. After all, it is a ghost town." Enjoy visiting the Rhyolite Site

Monday, June 26, 2006


Movies: "THE AIR MAIL - Movie - released March 16, 1925 - filmed in Death Valley, CA. and Rhyolite, NV
FAMOUS GOLD RUSH - Newsreel - released 1931 - filmed in Aurora, NV - Rhyolite, NV and Virginia City, NV
DEATH VALLEY - Newsreel - released 1936 - filmed in Death Valley, CA - and Rhyolite, NV
UNUSUAL OCCUPATIONS III - Documentary - released 1937 - filmed in Calif., Ohio, Mexico and Rhyolite, NV
ROUGH RIDERS ROUNDUP - Movie - released September 15, 1939 - filmed in Rhyolite, NV - (not!)
THE REWARD - Movie - released September 15, 1965 - filmed in Death Valley, CA and Rhyolite, NV
DEVICES - Movie or Music Video 1980 - filmed in CA - N.J. - PA - and Rhyolite, NV
ARROGANT - Movie - released for Television 1987 - filmed at Beatty, NV - Lake Mead, NV and Rhyolite, NV
CHERRY 2000 - Movie - released February 5 1988 - filmed at Beatty, NV - Death Valley, CA - Goldfield, NV - Overton, NV and Rhyolite, NV
DELUSION - Movie - released June 7, 1991 - filmed at Amargosa, NV - Death Valley Juncition, CA and Rhyolite, NV "

Books for Rhyolite Nevada

I have added some books that have been written on Rhyolite. There have been several good books that tells what was there and what is there now. With a town having over 8,000 people in it's heyday in 1908, not much is left. But worth the effort to explore. Some of the main things to think about when you visit Rhyolite is take lots and lots of pictures, and leave only footprints. The history here is everywhere you look, every mountain that you climb, every little bush you look over. Sites and foundations lay over the enire townsite, you just have to look for them. But listen to me, I am praddling again. Go check out the Rhyolite Site and see what a wonderful town it was.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Movies being posted

Hi, this is my first blog, so hope things turn out well. Here I will try to answer questions on the ghost town of Rhyolite, Nevada. My husband and I have been caretakers for 9 years there in the summer months. And oh boy what a 9 years it has been. We have a web site that has been up since 1999 and the newest changes have taken place lately. This time I am posting the movies that were made in Rhyolite. I still have many to go, but if anyone has any information or knows of movies that I might have missed, just let me know. I have viewed other blogs and get the overall feeling that Rhyolite is a pretty popular subject. Glad to see so many people having fun with it.